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New Construction Homes

Do I Need to Have a REALTOR® to Purchase a New Home from a Builder?

Yes, yes you should. Why? There are many reasons but first and foremost is because the builder’s salespeople represent the builder’s interests, not yours. You may be wondering about the advantages of having us by your side when building a new home. Here are a few of the high points:

  • Expertise and Guidance
    We have expertise in the local real estate market and can provide valuable guidance throughout the home-buying process, including navigating new construction contracts, understanding builder incentives, and negotiating terms like extras.
  • Access to Listings
    Need to move in 3-6 months? We have access to a wide range of new construction listings called SPEC Homes or Inventory Homes that can be completed sooner than a new property from the ground up. PRO TIP: Since these homes are being held by the builder, they are often available at a better price than if you start from scratch.
  • Builder Relationships
    We have established relationships with all of the local builders (psst… we know the good ones well), which will save you time and potentially lead to better terms for you.
  • Negotiation Skills
    We are skilled negotiators who can help you secure the best price and terms for your new construction home. This is especially important when you have an existing house to sell and you need help convincing the builder that your property will sell.
  • Representation and Advocacy
    You will have an advocate who will look out for your best interests throughout the transaction, ensuring that all necessary inspections are conducted and any issues are addressed especially after the sale.
  • Market Knowledge
    We will provide insights into market trends and comparable sales data, helping you make informed decisions about the value of the home you are considering and what options to choose for resale. PRO TIP: You don’t want to be the most expensive home in the neighborhood
  • Paperwork
    Buying a home involves a lot of paperwork. We help you sift through all the pages so you have a complete understanding of your role and responsibilities.

Model homes are tempting and stoke your emotions – that’s their job. Let us make the introduction to the builder BEFORE your visit (it’s as simple as a phone call) so the builder’s rep knows that you have a seasoned professional on your side. You won’t regret it.