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    10 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them

    Didn’t get your decor right the first time around? No problem — you can turn your styling errors into successes

    If you’re scratching your head over why the decor in some of the spaces in your home leaves you feeling slightly underwhelmed, a remedy — or at least an improvement — may be just a few moves away. Whether it’s a bland room, a paint color you’re not quite sure about or throw pillows that refuse to sit right no matter how many times you arrange them, here are the tweaks that can help turn your questionable decorating decisions into resounding wins.






    Original Post Written by Janet Dunn via Houzz.com. All credit to Houzz and Janet Dunn.
    Dunn, Janet. “Decorating Master Class: 10 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them.” Houzz, Houzz, 7 Aug. 2017, www.houzz.com/magazine/decorating-master-class-10-common-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them-stsetivw-vs~89714159.

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